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Two Day Vehicle Extraction Course

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What We'll Cover:

Learn officer safety and tactical considerations that need to be accounted for during vehicle extraction scenarios.

It's common to encounter situations where a subject's seatbelt needs to be removed. We'll show how to effectively work as a team to accomplish this.

Learn how to combat the common scenario of someone death-gripping the steering wheel, and follow-up techniques to remove them from the vehicle once you've established control.

Learn how to work WITH your partners instead of against them.

Officers will get to apply the techniques they learned during the course during drills and realistic scenarios.


I thoroughly enjoyed the entire class. The curriculum was spot on...The techniques were super simple yet very effective. And it was awesome to have students with little to no Jiu Jitsu background be able to utilize the techniques efficiently.

Good amount of techniques, and not an overwhelming amount...Time to get plenty of reps in, in order to retain knowledge...Very high level techniques that are reliable and effective in real life situations.

I enjoyed the course and feel like a lot was covered. The laid back and approachable demeanors of the instructors were appreciated.

Definitely recommending this to all the guys/gals I work with. My confidence level is much higher now if I ever come across someone who doesn’t want to get out of a car.

Instructors were engaging and knowledgeable. Made the course material fun and easy to grasp. Were open to questions and working through situations even if not part of curriculum.

These techniques were realistic for me as a smaller female. Most of the time DT seems to be a lot a techniques that won't work for someone my size on a larger person, but these will.

Your Instructor

Jason Swartz is a former Police Officer of 11 years and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. During his career, he was a lead combatives instructor, field training officer and firearms instructor. He currently trains and teaches Jiu Jitsu to LEO's, police agencies and civilians full-time through his company, Jiu Jitsu Five-O.

BJJ Video Instructional for Vehicle Extraction Techniques
Course BONUS
Digital Video Instructional

All attendees of this course will also receive lifetime access to our vehicle extraction series, so they can reference the techniques they learned anytime, anywhere.

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