Kyle the grappling dummy

Your Ultimate Training Partner

KYLE is the Jiu Jitsu training partner you need. He's always down to train, lets you work at your own pace and never complains. Forget the hassle of figuring out how to fill the dummy yourself. KYLE also comes to you fully filled and ready to roll. Free shipping worldwide.

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Limitless Training
Get Your Roll On

KYLE is made from high quality, durable materials that can withstand intense training sessions. Practice specific Jiu Jitsu techniques, striking, escapes and anything else you want to improve. Our grappling dummy is the training partner who's always there for you.

Sample Grappling Dummy Drill

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Work From
Different Positions

Use KYLE to practice control and defense from almost every position.


KYLE the grappling dummy weights approximately 35 pounds and is roughly 4 feet tall. He stays in a "turtle" position, allowing you to easily move him around and work many positions like closed guard, mount, side control, knee on belly, turtle and more!

No! We ship KYLE directly to your doorstep, complete filled and ready to roll.

No - KYLE the grappling dummy ships free worldwide.