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No more checking boxes and going through the motions. We partner directly with your agency to provide consistent, realistic training to make your instructors and officers actually proficient in their control and defense skills.

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Jiu Jitsu Five-O // Police department Training Overview

Your Department's Personal Use-of-Force Trainer

We don't just show up to put on a single course, hand out paper certificates and then disappear until it's time to "recertify." Our agency program includes 24/7 coaching and consulting, where we can help structure your in-service training, write lesson plans, break down body cam footage, create custom training videos and answer technique questions from your officers.

A Curriculum of Realistic Control & Defense Techniques That Actually Work

Our curriculum was created from our years of experience on the street and on the mats. It's based on our Jiu Jitsu Five-O Fight Formula; Takedown, establish a dominant position, control, cuff. We'll show your officers exactly how to do this, whether they're trying to make an arrest or defend themselves from common attacks.

Retain What You Learn With Our Online Technique Library

We ensure that your officers retain what they learned by giving them unlimited annual access to our online curriculum, which features detailed videos of every technique we teach. We can also create custom technique videos based on your agency's needs.

Ongoing Jiu Jitsu Training Classes (Optional)

Consistency equals proficiency. We can work with your agency to teach a monthly training course, either in person or remote, so that your officers and instructors continue training and improving the foundational skills they learned during the certification course.

As our partner, your department will receive:

Private Certification Course for Unlimited Number of Your Instructors

We come to you and host a private, four day certification course for an unlimited number of your instructors. This approach ensures that your instructors are receiving the highest level of training through a smaller class size and individualized attention.

Unlimited Access to Our Online Technique Library

Train beyond the instructor course and retain what you learned by having annual access to our online technique library, which features videos of every technique we taught during the physical course. Watch and study techniques right from your phone or computer, on your own time.

Quarterly Check-Ins With Your Team

We don't just hand out paper certificates and then disappear. We'll schedule quarterly Zoom calls with your instructors to to keep in touch and make sure they're getting everything the need to succeed.

24/7 Coaching & Consulting Support

Need help writing a lesson plan or structuring your in-service training? Or maybe you have questions on technique or would like a custom technique video? Reach out to us anytime throughout the year. We've got your back.


"The concepts that are taught can be done on any subject, and it doesn’t matter the size of the officer or the

"Instructors were engaging and knowledgeable. Made the course material fun and easy to grasp. Were open to questions and working through situations even if not part of curriculum."

"The training never felt overwhelming or intimidating; made the environment easy to learn in. The techniques were simple to learn but are very effective and reliable in real life situations."

"Most of the time DT seems to be a lot a techniques that won't work for someone my size on a larger person, but these will."

Jason Swartz, Jiu Jitsu Five-O Founder
Your Lead Trainer

Jason is a former Police Officer of 11 years and a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt. During his career, he primarily worked patrol for a large suburban agency and has been training officers since 2013. He was assigned as a lead combative tactics instructor, field training officer, firearms instructor and department training officer. He is also a former amateur boxer, where he competed and received his coaching certification through USA boxing. He currently trains police officers, police departments and civilians through Jiu Jitsu Five-O's online and in-person courses.


One year. We believe it's important to train consistently to become proficient. We are with you throughout the entire year and provide everything you need to succeed.

Our instructor course is currently POST approved in Minnesota, and we can work with your agency to submit documentation to the POST board in your state.

Our program is an annual partnership and will be tailored to your specific needs. After an initial meeting, we will send you a formal proposal. Our minimum investment usually starts at $5K, plus travel costs for out-of-state partners.

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