If You've Got a Training Problem, Yo We'll Solve It

Whether you're an agency looking for better, safer, more consistent training - or a cop who just wants more, we've got your six. Check out all of our training products and programs below.

Jiu Jitsu Five-O
Agency Training & Instructor Certification

No more checking boxes and going through the motions. We go way beyond the 40 hour instructor course by partnering directly with your agency to become your personal DT coach throughout the year.

Two Day
Vehicle Extraction Course

Learn safer, more effective options for removing uncooperative subjects from vehciles and how to control them once removed.

Three Day Course
Takedowns & Dominant Control Positions

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Train Anytime, Anywhere
The Jiu Jitsu Five-O Training App

On-demand techniques for the street, workouts, mobility, monthly nutrition plans and 24/7 personal coaching access. Try FREE for 7 days.


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