Defense Against Common Attacks

BJJ Video Instructional for Vehicle Extraction Techniques
Vehicle Extraction Series

No more tug-of-war. Learn safer, more effective ways to remove uncooperative subjects from vehicles. Regular price $75.00.

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Police Jiu Jitsu Video Instructional
Control & Defend

The most comprehensive Jiu Jitsu instructional ever created for Law Enforcement. You'll get over 75 techniques and 3 hours of instruction for the most common scenarios on the street. Regular price $150.00.

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Patrol Bundle

Everthing you need for the street. Get our Control & Defend Series + Vehicle Extraction Series as a bundle (a $250 value). Regular price $185.00.

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Jiu Jitsu Techniques for Police Officers. The ultimate BJJ Training App.
Fight Fundamentals

25 techniques from 5 different BJJ Black Belts and a 4X Judo Olympian. Learn takedowns, mount escapes, Kimura cuffing techniques and more. Regular price $29.99.

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