What Cops Can Learn From Bad 90's Movies & College Frat Parties

What Cops Can Learn From Bad 90's Movies & College Frat Parties

Back in my college days, we hosted an annual party called, "Edward 40 hands," where we would duct tape a 40 oz. bottle of beer to each of our hands and see where the night would take us from there. This party was loosely based on one of the worst movies ever made, titled, "Edward Scissor Hands," in which then-heartthrob Johnny Depp plays an artificial human who has, wait for it...scissors for hands. Hilarious. 

What can these two things teach us about police work? Simple. You can't perform normal tasks while holding stuff in your hands without potentially injuring and/or pissing all over yourself or your friends, literally and figuratively. This is especially true when trying to control an uncooperative suspect. If every officer on scene is clutching onto something while trying to make an arrest, we literally increase the risk of injury to ourselves, our partners and the suspect. We figuratively piss all over ourselves and our partners by increasing the potential for excessive/unnecessary force and the inevitable lawsuits that can come with it.

A Few Examples:

 Here, one officer has a Taser, the other is holding cuffs. This makes it difficult for them to execute the take down, as well as any ability to get the suspect's hands behind his back.


 Watch around the 3:10 mark. The officer is trying to keep the male pinned to the ground, while holding a Taser in one hand. Fortunately a citizen stepped in to help, otherwise this fight may still be going on. 


 Here, the officer is still holding his Taser as the suspect is punching him.

These videos are by no means meant to bash any officers involved. They're to show what I think is a growing trend in our industry, especially as we introduce even MORE hands-off tools for cops to carry, like the Bola Wrap (I'll save this topic for another day).

We need to remember the principle of control, then cuff. If every officer has one or both of their hands occupied during a fight, things are bound to go south and make the arrest way more difficult than it needs to be. The answer to this problem is, as usual, consistent Jiu Jitsu training for cops. 

Go Train. Oss!

// Jason


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